Los Angeles, United States, September 12, 2018/QY Research, Inc.


Apple CEO Cook will announce the next year’s iPhone and Apple Watch strategy at a new product launch at 10 am on September 12 (14:00 Taipei time on September 13). Individually, each new smart phone itself does not represent a major upgrade. In fact, regardless of its appearance or function, it is similar to the iPhone X launched last year, but with two extra-large versions: top machine The model sells for about $1,000 and the other is for a lower price.

But overall, it becomes very important: the three new iPhones will work together to push Apple’s revenue, after all, the iPhone currently contributes about two-thirds of the company’s revenue. The biggest part of the game (probably called “iPhone Xs Max”) is that the single device can satisfy most of the computer computing needs of users. The affordable model (probably called “iPhone Xr”) will bring the experience of previous iPhone X features, including full screen and face recognition, to more people.

However, the iPhone is not the only Apple product that has become bigger. Apple will also release two new Apple Watches, featuring a larger full-screen design that will display more content. This is the first major revision of Apple Smart Watch since its inception in 2014. Apple Watch’s role in driving Apple’s revenue is not as heavy as the iPhone, but it is important for consumers to put it down. Tech device reviewers believe that Apple Watch is the best smart watch on the market.

For Apple, the launch of this new product presentation is also a revolutionary initiative. Apple will be in the form of a live stream.

The market is still waiting for Apple to release the next major new product in the market, whether it is augmented reality glasses, self-driving cars or other. Although the 12th reveals not a new product that can be called a major change, at least it highlights the continued efforts of Apple’s innovation.


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