Los Angeles, United States, September 13, 2018/QY Research, Inc.


The US “Wall Street Journal” just quoted sources as saying that US Treasury Secretary Nouchin has sent an invitation to the Chinese team, hoping that China will send a ministerial-level delegation to negotiate trade with the US before the US government imposes a new round of tariffs on China. The location will be in Beijing or Washington, and the time will be “Future Weeks.”

The report said that the source said that an invitation to China was issued to explain that “some people in the Trump administration still hope to make every effort to obtain China’s demand for the US before levying tariffs on China.”

The report said that the US “seeking talks” coincided with the fact that the US has not yet begun to impose tariffs on the US$200 billion worth of Chinese exports to the United States.

The Chinese side has repeatedly stressed that the position on China-US economic and trade issues is firm and clear and has not changed. The pressure and blackmail of the US will not work.

At the regular press conference on the 6th, the Chinese Ministry of Commerce responded to the US plan to impose tariffs on China’s 200 billion US dollars in exports to the United States: China has the confidence, ability and means to maintain the steady and healthy development of the Chinese economy. If the US side disregards its opposition and insists on any new tariff increase measures against China, China will have to make necessary counter-measures.

On September 13, China News Service reported that in response to the US renewed invitation to China, China’s Ministry of Commerce spokesperson said on the 13th that China has received an invitation and is welcome. The teams on both sides are communicating on some specific details.


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