Los Angeles, United States, September 12, 2018/QY Research, Inc.

Do you want to let the male customers who come to the store spend more money from the purse? Perhaps the quickest and most effective way is to hire a tall, well-qualified male clerk to stand at the door of the store.

A study published in the Harvard Business Review by Tobias Otterbring, a professor at Karlstad University in Sweden, found that handsome shop assistants can stimulate male customers to buy higher-priced items and increase sales. It has no special effect on female customers.

A Swedish study in furniture stores, handsome shop assistants can help increase the amount of male customers. (Reuters)

Otto Brin’s research was conducted at a furniture store in Sweden to investigate the impact of the presence of a male clerk at the entrance to the store during the weekend. The survey found that if there is a male clerk standing at the door, the average consumption of male customers is 165 US dollars, while the female is only 72 US dollars. If no handsome guy is sent, the average male spending is $92 and the female is $97.

The male clerk used in the institute, an American who is more than 95% tall, was a track and field athlete. Ot Brin said that men who have traditionally been physically fit and healthy are more dominant in economics and in pursuit of the opposite sex. “This has ignited the competitive instinct of men.” After seeing the clerk, male customers feel To the opponent, thus stimulating them to show their status with financial resources.

After all, on the body may not beat the opponent, but the money to buy something more expensive on the face, you can pull back a few. The study also found that Gao Shuai clerk has a more obvious influence on male customers with shorter stature.

Is it the store that hires a high-profile male clerk to increase the turnover? Ot Brin told the Harvard Business Review that he does not encourage businesses to hire people to look at the outside. He said that the study shows that there is a clear stimulus in the short term, but in the long run, the short-sleeved male customers may Will not come to the door.


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