American aviation industry recruits technicians Annual salary of 72,000 Are you interested?

Los Angeles, United States, September 12, 2018/QY Research, Inc.

Looking for a job with an annual salary of 70,000 yuan? The US aviation industry is beckoning to the younger generation, especially maintenance personnel and mechanics. The number of recruits in the next 20 years will be 750,000.

The aviation industry is waving to the younger generation, especially the maintenance personnel and technicians. The number of recruits in the next 20 years will be 750,000. (Getty Images)

The financial news website CNBC reported that airlines, aircraft manufacturers and engine manufacturers are starting to plan for the next generation of recruitment, given that service technicians will embrace the huge retirement boom in the next few years.

Boeing, the world’s largest aircraft manufacturer, predicted in July that the aviation industry will need to find another 750,000 technicians in the next 20 years, 80% of which are to meet the growing demand of the commercial aviation industry.

The Aviation Technician Education Council said in December that about 30% of aviation industry mechanics are approaching or expiring retirement age, and that maintenance manpower is retiring faster than new blood.

Not only that, but the average age of maintenance technicians in the US aviation industry is 51 years old, and more than one-quarter of them are over 64 years old.

For the 19-year-old New York native Thomas Maharis, he is the next generation of service technicians to be trained by airlines.

Maharis graduated from Aviation High School in Queens, New York this year. Since June, he has served as a junior aircraft maintenance technician at Delta Air Canada’s Kennedy Airport in New York. He earns 25 yuan a day, four nights a week, working. It is to repair the cabin after the end of the flight every day.

His work varies depending on where the damage is in the cabin or how rude the passenger is. For example, he recently had to dig out the eye mask left by the passengers from the slits of the seat. Maharris can repair the aircraft body with only a few years of experience, and the hourly salary is also increased to 35 yuan. The equivalent of an annual salary of about 72,000 yuan, far higher than the Federal Ministry of Labor statistics 2016 Americans annual median income of 59,039 yuan.

Airline companies can now say that they are not competing. Take Delta Air Lines as an example. At the end of July, they will provide 350,000 yuan to subsidize nine aviation professional schools in the United States, including Maharis’ alma mater, New York’s “Aeronautical High School”, and plan In the next ten years, 2,000 service technicians will be recruited in large numbers to respond to the huge retirement of existing maintenance personnel.


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