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The US-DPRK nuclear talks are expected to be thawed, and US Secretary of State Pompeo will visit North Korea again on the weekend. He will also set foot in Beijing at the same time, and the outside world is also concerned about whether it can unravel the recent contradictions between China and the United States.

Pompeo had met with Kim Jong-un in April this year.

The US State Department announced that Secretary of State Pompeo will visit North Korea again this Sunday (10/7) to discuss the nuclear issue with North Korean leader Kim Jong-un. His trip to East Asia lasted for three days (10/6-10/8). In addition to the DPRK, he will also visit China, Japan and South Korea to explain the results of the talks with North Korea.

US State Department spokesman Heather Nauert said: “The Secretary of State’s fourth visit to the DPRK within a year shows that the negotiations are progressing and full of momentum…. Of course, we still have a way to go, but We look forward to the next step of the talks.”

Pompeo last scheduled to visit the DPRK in August, but was suddenly cancelled by Trump before the departure. It was Trump’s first recognition that the nuclear process was deadlocked. This time, North Korean Foreign Minister Li Yonghao invited Pompeo to visit North Korea during his attendance at the UN General Assembly in New York last week.

Kim Jong-un went to Trump earlier and proposed to hold the second summit of the US and North Korea. Since the first summit in June, North Korea’s nuclear strikes have not been as good as expected, but Trump has repeatedly slammed Pyongyang and even described the relationship between the two as if they were in love.

The United States and the United States love and hate?

However, Pyongyang’s recent attitude seems to be slightly tough. Li Yonghao said at the UN General Assembly that the continued sanctions in the United States have deepened the distrust of the two countries and stressed that it is impossible for North Korea to unilaterally abandon the nuclear under this circumstance. He said that North Korea has taken obvious measures, including stopping the nuclear test and destroying the nuclear test site, but Washington has not given a reciprocal response.

The official Korean media news agency (KCNA) issued a commentary on Tuesday saying that the termination of the Korean War could never be a chip to go nuclear, describing some experts asking North Korea to disclose its armed planning as “nonsense.” North Korea has always sought to officially end the Korean War. This requires the US to approve the law. However, the United States insists that North Korea should abandon its nuclear weapons and refuse to relax the sanctions.

US State Department spokesman Heather Knight denied that the negotiations were stuck in a stalemate: “I think leaders have a relatively friendly relationship, which is a good thing and helps us achieve our ultimate goal.”

But she also reiterated that sanctions will not stop. Will Washington consider any form of peace declaration? She said categorically: “No, there is no change in our policy.”

US-China contradiction

Another focus of Pompeo’s trip is China. It coincides with the departure of US Defense Minister Matisse, who has just cancelled his visit to China this month. Sino-US relations have been heating up due to trade wars and conflicts in the South China Sea.

Pompeo will meet with the heads of Japan and South Korea to explain the outcome of the talks with the DPRK. During his visit to Beijing, he will also discuss “bilateral, regional and global issues.”

Knight said: “In any relationship, there will be peaks or lows, and some countries will encounter lows…. I am not describing the relationship with China, but the relationship will follow Time is ups and downs, so we must have a lot of things to talk to the Chinese government.”


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