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The Twitter user “Jamaica Weather”, which shares weather information, recently shared a photo showing nine typhoons, hurricanes and tropical cyclones in the northern hemisphere, including Asian mangrove typhoons and the hurricane of Florence threatening the US East Coast, causing network heat. Negotiation.

When Jamaica Weather shared the photo on the 10th, he wrote: “This weekend will be crazy! In the tropics.”

Phil Klotzbach, a meteorological science researcher at Colorado State University, said that it is unusual for the Pacific and Atlantic to be active at the same time. He is surprised.

Since the hurricane season this summer, there have been nine named storms in the Atlantic, the number is above average, while the Pacific has 15 named storms.

Climate warming is getting worse and worse, does warming change the storm mode? Researchers at the Weizmann Institute of Science in Israel analyzed the simulation results of 20 advanced climate models and found that as the moving distance became longer during the storm, the storm moved to the polar region. Researchers believe that warming produces stronger winds at higher levels in the atmosphere, leading to this phenomenon.

Warming also increases the density of atmospheric water vapor, allowing the storm to be more distributed to the polar regions. In a warm climate, the hotter air contains more water vapor, which releases more heat when it condenses.

The hottest, wetest air rises from the right wing of the storm to the north and releases the hidden heat on the north side, pushing the storm north (in the case of the northern hemisphere). This effect is stronger in warmer climates.


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