He was predicted to be the next Italian Prime Minister, a professor of Zhejiang University in China who is proficient in Chinese.

The two major political parties that won in Italy in the new parliamentary election in March of this year, the Lega and the Five Star Movement Party (M5S), reached a consensus on the issue of the prime minister of the new government on the 13th of this month and decided to jointly recommend a political issue. People who are relatively neutral in their positions and who can be trusted by the EU at the same time are elected as the new Italian Prime Minister.

According to news from the Italian Agi News Agency and the Italian Daily News, on May 13th, the Coalition Party and the Five Star Movement Party had a list of new candidates for the Prime Minister, including the recommendation of the Alliance Party President Salvigny Michele (Michele). Geraci), Elisabetta Belloni, secretary general of the Italian Ministry of Foreign Affairs, and advisers to the Five-Star Movement Party.


Mike Gerachi, who is predicted to be a popular candidate for the next Premier, has a very deep bond with China.

According to Wikipedia data, Gerachi is currently a Chinese economist in charge of the Global Policy Institute (London). He is a research fellow and adjunct professor at Zhejiang University, and he is the director of China’s economic policy research program at Nottingham University Business School (China). Assistant Professor of Finance.

Hangzhou Net reported that Geraci, when he learned that he was predicted to be a popular candidate for the next Premier, said: “For me, the most important thing is to see Italian political leaders begin to have a keen interest in China’s related affairs, and I hope to establish a closer relationship with China. Whoever will be the next prime minister, I hope that China and Italy will continue to follow this path of mutual respect and close commercial and cultural exchanges.”

According to the Zhejiang Online News, Gerrach, who speaks five languages ​​in Chinese, French, Italian, English and Spanish, has conducted business consulting and financial services in Europe, Latin America, and Asia, and has extensive international experience. He was invited twice to attend the China Summit of Global Economists.

Gerachi often visits media talk shows about China’s economic development. He has received interviews with CNN, Al Jazeera, Bloomberg, and CCTV, and regularly publishes opinion articles that are closely related to the Chinese economy.

With his own in-depth study of the Chinese economy and strong media influence, Gerachi was twice rated by Italian media as one of the 50 most influential Italians in China. The list was selected and published by the Italian “Financial Milan” every year. The finalists are Italians who have had a profound influence on China in the fields of commerce, trade, fashion, etc. For example, former Italian Prime Minister Romano Prodi and world-renowned fashion designer George. Armani, the world’s top luxury Prada head and designer Lucia Prada. Gerachi is one of the few economists.

In addition, Gerachi won the 2016 Italian Star Knight Medal in 2016 for his deep understanding of the Chinese economy and his contribution to the friendly relations between the two countries. The award is one of the highest honors given to international people who have contributed to Italy and is awarded each year to foreigners and overseas Italians who have made outstanding contributions to promoting friendly relations between Italy and other countries in recognition of their presence in Italy and other countries. The prominent role among countries in promoting friendly relations.


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